month calendar

Monthly Dances

The Lawrence Barn Dance Association (LBDA) hosts regular contra dances on the 3rd Saturday of each month, all year round. September is the one exception due to the Walnut Valley Music Festival, which many of our community (and most musicians) attend. Always check our calendar for exact event details.

Typically, an evening will look like this:
6:45pm Beginners’ lesson
7:30pm Dance begins with easier dances
8:45ish Break, occasional “Styling Tips” refresher
8:55ish Dance resumes with somewhat more challenging dances
10:00pm Dance ends

Most LBDA dances are held at New York School at 936 New York Street (just east of downtown Lawrence).
Admission at these regular dances is $9 for adults, $4 for students with ID, $2 children under 16. We accept payment by cash or check.

In May and October we host a potluck and dance at Stony Point Barn in rural Douglas County. The suggested donation for this special venue is $10.

Each November and February we host extended weekend events in place of our regular monthly dance. Described under Special Events, these dance weekends include other dances, workshops, and concerts in addition to a Saturday night dance. The Saturday night dances of these dance weekends are more expensive, and may start and end at different times than our regular monthly dances.