dancing at a special event

Special Events

Once contra dance is under your skin, a three- or four-hour dance once or twice a month just doesn’t feel like enough. We hear you! Once you’ve mastered contra corners and can keep dancing successfully when the caller stops calling, add these to your calendar:

Advanced Dances

We hold these occasionally for those who don’t need the caller to continue repeating each move until the dance ends and who can react quickly enough to calls to allow some improvisation. Advanced dances are tremendously satisfying because of the added challenge and spontaneity. When you feel comfortable dancing without lessons prior to a dance, you are ready to give one of these advanced dances a go!

Dance Weekends

Dance weekends feature three days of driving contra tunes, exhilarating dances, style and special interest workshops, and lots of good food and company. Families and friends throughout the city open their homes to out-of-town dancers for lodging, and household jams or potlucks are often arranged to keep the good times rolling.

Our Pilgrim’s Progression Dance Weekend is held annually on the third weekend of November. A nationally recognized band and caller headline the schedule for this event. This year's Pilgrim's Progression Dance Weekend will be November 16-18, 2018, featuring the music of the Syncopaths with Diane Silver calling.

Sometimes we hold a Mid-winter Meltdown dance weekend in February. (We are taking a year off in 2018, though.) Up-and-coming regional dance bands and callers headline this event where the Lawrence Barn Dance Association, Lawrence English Country Dance, and the Kaw Valley Shape Note Singing group marshal forces to drive the cold winter away. Attendees tell us they appreciate a little more free time to explore Lawrence’s unique downtown shops and restaurants. But most of all, supporting local bands and regional talent is the way folk-arts like contra dance flourish. Don’t miss your chance to discover new talent in your back yard!

Dance weekends also happen in surrounding states throughout the year. Visit our Useful Links to find other events happening in the surrounding area.